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On social media you may not see all of our posts and some posts will disappear after a while. That’s why we created this blog page, all of our valuable posts are available at any time. You can expect many interesting articles and information on pressure and temperature measurement. Besides that, we keep you informed on the development within the Badotherm company as well, from all of our worldwide locations.

We’ve created separate pages with categories, as well as clickable tags. All to make it easier to navigate and read more on particular subjects of your choice.


Welding qualification Zirconium and 25-22-2 foil

Today again some good developments to share: we added more materials to the list of welding certifications (WPQ / PQR acc. ASME IX): – Zirconium 702 diaphragm to Zirconium 702 seal body – 25-22-2 diaphragm to an AISI 310 MoLn body.   Both of these

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lifting handle

Simplify your installation process with lifting handles

Diaphragm seals can consist heavy flanges and are sometimes hard to handle. As such, we developed a simple accessory to facilitate easier handling of these heavy seals: lifting handles. We recommend to use these handles from class 600 and above for size 2” and 3”.

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Co-innovation for the perfect espresso machine

Not so long ago, a Dutch innovative craftsman and entrepreneur came to us with a challenge. He had the idea of making the perfect and most beautiful espresso machine in the world. A handmade espresso maker according to Italian passion and innovative, minimalistic Dutch design.

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long lasting measurements

Full welded systems: lasting throughout the years

Selecting the right Diaphragm Seal configuration for your process ensures safe and lasting measurements. A series of Badotherm pressure gauge seal combinations is stationed at one of the largest chemical sites in the Netherlands, shown on the picture. Since the installation in 1999, hundreds of

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high pressure gauge

Ultra high pressure gauges

The Badotherm ultra-high pressure gauge line is supplied in complete compliance with the requirements and test conditions of the new DIN 16001 high-pressure standard. The DIN16001 fills the gap for pressure gauges with ranges above 1600 bar. Up to 1600 bar was covered by the

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