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Urea production

What is urea ? Urea’s main use is as a nitrogen fertilizer. Other applications are as a cattle-feed supplement, in the manufacture of resins, glues, melamine, solvents, some medicinals, and in reducing NOx emissions by catalytic reduction. Urea is used in all regions of the

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DIAPHRAGM SEAL CASE STUDY Diaphragm seals, also known as chemical seals, isolate pressure-measuring instruments from the process media. The system pressure is transmitted to fill fluid through the diaphragm seal, and from there to the pressure-measuring instrument itself.   Choosing the right diaphragm seal depends

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transmitter diaphragm seal

Protect your instruments with polymer coatings

In many industries it is required to have a ‘plastic’ or polymer coating over the diaphragm seals or wetted parts of the diaphragm seals in order to protect your instruments. Badotherm offers a wide range of polymer coatings on their diaphragm seals. Polymer coating are

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