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Expansion to Saudi Arabia for Badotherm Diaphragm Seals

Saudi Arabia is known for its large oil reserves and has the largest oil company in the world. Next to that, it has a large industry of refineries and petrochemical companies. These industries typically require pressure instruments like pressure gauges, pressure switches and pressure transmitters to be protected by means of diaphragm seals.

Badotherm has already been supplying many of its diaphragm seal solutions in Saudi Arabia the last years. With this expending customer base, a Badotherm diaphragm seal facility was opened, operated by Bliss Anand KSA. Our Badotherm diaphragm seals facility is well equipped for large projects, as well as services for the end users for quick deliveries or related services such as modifications or refurbishments on diaphragm seals for pressure transmitters.

Due to the local production and related services, Bliss Anand KSA fully complies to Saudi Aramco’s In-Kingdom Total Value Add (IKTVA) program.

Direct contact details can be found on our website or contact us via sales@badotherm.com: