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New sponsorship: UreaKnowHow.com

Badotherm is pleased to announce its sponsorship of UreaKnowHow.comUreaKnowHow.com is an independent group of nitrogen fertilizer specialists with an impressive number of years of experience in designing, maintaining and operating urea plants. UreaKnowHow.com’s mission is to support, facilitate and promote the exchange of information within the nitrogen fertilizer industry. It’s main goal is to improve the Safety and Performance of all nitrogen fertilizer plants worldwide.

Therefore the network fits well with Badotherms mission to supply the best performing and most durable diaphragm seals solutions. Sponsoring this network was a logical next step. We have a wide range of diaphragm seals to meet the harsh requirements of the urea and fertilizer industry. We developed solid diaphragm seal solutions equipped with UREA grade materials, or tantalum (BRF design) to even full zirconium extended type (EXT-FSO) diaphragm seals.