Badotherm diaphragm seals for electronic differential pressure measurements

electronic differential pressure measurements

Pressure transmitter manufacturers have developed a new system for differential pressure measurement (e.g. ERS systems from Emerson or Endress+Hauser). To complete these transmitters with a suitable diaphragm seal, we successfully developed and equipped these systems with our diaphragm seals. Both the Master and Slave transmitters are assembled and supplemented individually with a diaphragm seal. These are tested and calibrated separately. As a result, there is a test certificate for both transmitters. Afterwards the differential pressure measurement could be checked, although it is a mere electronic calculation.

These new additions imply that the complete range of Badotherm diaphragm seals are now also available for electronic differential pressure measurement systems. Of course this new systems still have their (technical) limitations, not related to diaphragm seals. We are constantly improving to make the most suitable match with our products and therefore reach the best possible measurement conditions.