Co-innovation for the perfect espresso machine

Not so long ago, a Dutch innovative craftsman and entrepreneur came to us with a challenge. He had the idea of making the perfect and most beautiful espresso machine in the world. A handmade espresso maker according to Italian passion and innovative, minimalistic Dutch design.

The Naked Espresso Maker excels in simplicity. The distinctive buttons, handles and displays have disappeared. The stainless steel boiler and the extra clear, hardened glass give the machine a unique, robust appearance. Yet it is precisely the modest dimensions that stand out.

In this ‘naked’ machine, it also required a ‘naked’ stainless steel pressure gauge, without casing, dial, window and other standard components, set a the specific requirements of this machine. It is just one of the small details that give The Naked Espresso Maker the required analogue experience.

It is nice to have been able to contribute to this project and co-innovate together. Thank you Mike, for this ride and best of fortune with this!

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