Badotherm Diaphragm Seals suitable for all transmitter brands

Many users have different transmitter brands in their factories. With each transmitter manufacturer using a different diaphragm seal construction and philosophy, this often gives head-aches to maintenance department and engineering.
Badotherm supports its (end user) customers with all their requirements for diaphragm seal solutions. Regardless of the pressure transmitter brand installed, Badotherm has the right diaphragm seal solution.

Our online calculation tool Basecal has all pressure transmitter brands included to ensure proper instrument selection and calculation of TPE. This way, customers are always ensured of one high quality platform and optimal performance of the diaphragm sealed transmitters.

For example, in the picture shown, the Badotherm Diaphragm Seals are assembled to Krohne Optibar PM 5060 pressure transmitters. This particular execution consists of a standard DN25 flush flanged BF seal with FDA approved filling fluid BSO-40. For temperature reduction, the configuration includes an extended mount to ensure the process temperature does not exceed the limits of the pressure transmitter.

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