ECH seal for our customer in Kazakhstan

ECH seal

For a valued customer in Kazakhstan we recently supplied our ECH seal, therefore it withstands pressure up to 1000 bars. For this application the seal wetted parts were made of Hastelloy C276 material with a max operating pressure of 624 bars. The BSO-41 fill fluid was selected to cover the operating temperature of minus 40°C. Another requirement was that the material needed to be fully compliant to NACE MR01-75 (ISO-15156).

The ECH is a complete welded construction and designed for those applications where the process conditions are such that direct mounting of the instrument can’t be done. Applications are aggressive processes treatment, or when special wetted parts materials for pressure gauges are required.

Badotherm has 2 black belts, 9 green belts and 10 yellow belts across the main factory location in Romania and in its headquarter in the Netherlands.
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There is even a seal designed for up to 4000 bars, but this type of seal is mainly used for high pressure gauges, as there are no transmitters that can withstand these high pressure. Read more about this high-pressure seals:
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