Full welded construction: avoiding the risk of leakage

full welded constructions

Vacuum often occurs unintentionally. For example during cleaning and fast cooling processes. Connections with gaskets have a leak rate that is especially challenging when vacuum occurs. In these situations it is recommended to prevent gaskets and use welded constructions instead. For diaphragm seals, this means a full welded construction between the capillary, the transmitter body and the welding of other potential leak points.

Badotherm has full welded constructions available for all leading transmitter brands. Next to the selection of a full welded construction with the presence of vacuum, we also recommend you to verify the suitability of the filling fluid for vacuum conditions (see the vapor pressure curve). It is also important to not forget to mount the instrument below the (lowest) diaphragm seal in order to protect the instrument at all possible conditions (50 cm).

Some extra Badotherm facts:

  • All our diaphragm seals are standard tested at 35 mbara. Even when there is no vacuum value specified.
  • All of our full welded constructions are repairable.