Pressure measurement up to 850°C (1560°F) – HTDS 3.0

Pressure measurement up to 850°C (1560°F)

After our introduction of the Badotherm HTDS up to 600°C process temperature, our R&D did not stop pushing the limits. Again we found a solution to increase the limits of pressure measurements at high process temperatures. Our experience with our HTDS design gave us the insight to develop a revolutionary filling technique, including a special fill fluid BSO60. With this development we have extensively tested the setup up to 850°C for a long period. The picture gives a nice insight on the testing and the temperature that was exposed on the diaphragm seal during testing.


This offers new opportunities for the industry to start measuring pressures at high temperatures, for example in the thermosolar industry with molten salt heat storage, or industrial furnaces at refineries or other process where extreme temperatures are faced. Materials that are used in the new design are all specifically selected such as Alloy 825 and AISI 321H.


The updated HTDS 3.0 can be supplied in all flanged standards. For more information contact to engineer your HTDS 3.0 and find out if this is suitable for your process conditions and installation setup.