Pressure switches and diaphragm seals

pressure switch diaphragm seal

Although maybe not that common, also pressure switches need to be protected from the harsh process conditions by diaphragm seals. We often show our capabilities for diaphragm seals with pressure transmitters, but we also mount our diaphragm seals to pressure switches. And of course our Badotherm pressure gauges.

All these instruments need to be protected against the harsh process conditions. As for the pressure transmitters, we have large experience with the leading pressure switch manufacturers. We regularly work with all manufacturers, such as Beta, United Electric, Barksdale and many others. The picture shows an US-F seal with a Beta switch.

It is generally recommended (when used in combination with diaphragm seals) to select pressure switches with welded diaphragms and, if possible, a vacuum protection plate. These are the best suitable options for vacuum filling with the seals. If not available, it is still possible. But keep in mind pressure switches with an O-ring do have a leak rate like any other O-ring connection. Pressure switches don’t come with a calibration certificate, but with a set-point confirmation certificate. Of course, material certification on the diaphragm seal wetted parts materials can be supplied according 3.1 EN10204.