Solution for low-pressure GP applications with a diaphragm seal: Badotherm LGP Measurement


LGP stands for Low Gauge Pressure, and allows measurement with diaphragm seals of extreme low spans for GP applications. The use of a standard diaphragm seal in combination with the very low-pressure ranges implies relatively high temperature effects. These high temperature effects, and especially ambient temperature effects, result in unstable and inaccurate gauge pressure measurement.

Since several years, Badotherm has developed a solution for low-pressure GP applications. This solution is referred to as LGP and can be used in combination with seal type BF, BRF, USLF, EXT. To give an indication of the performance improvement between a standard diaphragm seal and the LGP solution: by using the same process connection size the minimum recommended span that can be measured reliably by LGP reduces from 200 mbar to only 5 mbar-g. The Total Probable Error (TPE) is therefore improved with a factor 7, compared to a traditional diaphragm seal.

Of course, the LGP measurement is also available in BaseCal: style 8 LGP. So see for yourself what this solution can do for your measurements.