Full process simulation testing with diaphragm seals

A part of our company DNA, is our passion to find solutions for pressure measurement challenges that our customers may encounter. A part of this quest is a thorough understanding and analysis of the application and a simulation of the process conditions it encounters. The tests and simulations we execute, are done in close collaboration with the customer instrument engineers to approximate as much as possible the complete process and installation situation. Most often it is a combination of extremes that can happen at the same time, which can give a challenge.
As an example, we are currently performing a span test (40 mbar) at a high static pressure (200 bar) in combination with different process temperatures at both the high (180°C) and low pressure side (120°C) combined with a freezing ambient temperature (-10°C) on the capillary lines of 6 meter. How about that?

Are you interested in simulation testing or are you having a measurement challenge with diaphragm seals, please do let us know. You can read more here: