Know your seals with BaseCal


BaseCal is the web-based performance calculation tool for diaphragm seal applications, powered by Badotherm. The tool is intended for instrumentation engineers or anyone wishing to understand the effect of all variables and conditions of a diaphragm seal application. The tool calculates the total installed performance of the diaphragm seal application, including the transmitter. BaseCal allows you to easily change different variables and conditions, so you can simulate and analyse the effect of these different variables.

We continue to develop our user friendly BaseCal tool. Many engineers use it to check if the diaphragm seals are working correctly in certain process conditions. This tool is used in case of low ranges, extreme ambient and/or process temperatures, and in case of long capillaries with lower pressures and/or in combination with low ambient temperatures. It is all about the combination of the variables that decides if the measurements will work or not.

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