Non Destructive Examinations – penetrant testing

Liquid Penetrant testing

Penetrant Testing (PT) or penetrant examination is one of the Non Destructive Examinations (NDE/NDT) Badotherm provides. NDE are techniques to evaluate the properties of a material or product without causing damage. The PT test is performed to test the quality of the pressure-retaining weld.

Typical welds that could be tested are the capillary welds to the diaphragm seal flange and to the low volume covers of the transmitter. In case of a full weld construction, also the weld to the transmitter is being tested. As well as the welds of flanges thermowells could be subject to PT testing. Just like the butt or socket weld constructions of the needle valves welded to the flush construction.

Badotherm is Level 2 certified according the ISO 9712 and performs examination based on the ASME or ISO procedure. The standards on which this procedure is based are the ASME V and the ASME VIII, Div. 1 or the ISO ISO 23227 / ISO3542-1. Upon request, Badotherm can also comply to customer specific PT requirements. Other common NDE tests Badotherm provides are: visual testing, (pressure) leak testing and radiographic testing (applicable to certain welds).