Badotherm differential pressure gauge – BDT13

Differential pressure gauges are commonly found in industrial process systems. However, sometimes, they got overlooked or misunderstood which is a pity as they are often a great solution.

Simply explained, a differential pressure, or DP or ∆p, is the difference between two applied pressures. A differential pressure gauge is a visual indicator, designed to measure and illustrate the difference between two pressure points within a process system, often used to monitor filtration, liquid levels, and liquid flow.

Badotherm BDT13 is a dual diaphragm differential pressure gauge.
• Ideal for applications requiring high working pressure in combination with very low differential pressure
• Include pressurized components mounted outside the case and face plate for maximum safety
• Feature an all stainless steel construction with 316 wetted parts standard and several exotic materials available
• Suitable for high working pressures up to 200 bar static pressure, regardless of scale range

More information on our datasheet: