Differential pressure gauge with diaphragm seal for exotic requirements

Differential pressure gauge

Badotherm differential pressure gauge model BDT13 has been around for quite some time. The BDT13 is built on the diaphragm seal technology of Badotherm. With this special approach we’re able to produce a differential gauge with high accuracy over the full scale value of the range. The standard execution is executed with in full 316(L) stainless steel.

This pressure gauge is typically used for applications in the chemical, petro-chemical, oil & gas, power & utilities, machine building and general process industries. The BDT13 can also be equipped with diaphragm seals.

Recently, we used an interesting mix of materials to meet the specific requirements of a customer. The BDT13 with stainless steel, fixed with super duplex bolts and nuts, was further equipped with two 3” cl 300 BRF type seals, with flange material in 6MO / UNS31254 and Hastelloy C276 diaphragm material.

Do you also have specific requirements? Don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re always happy to explore the possibilities for your specific situation.