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diaphragm seal gold coating

It remains a beautiful picture… a DP Level measurement with a Yokogawa pressure transmitter type EJX110A and Badotherm USL type diaphragm seals.

This is a heavy duty execution with a 2” class 900-1500 RJF process connection according the ASME B16.5. The USL diaphragm seal type is selected to ensure a 81mm diaphragm diameter to be able to measure accurately and robustly a span of 87 mbar. The 316L stainless steel diaphragm is coated with a layer of 40 micron 24crt gold to protect the measurement against hydrogen diffusion. Equipped with black PVC sleeve over the double shielded stainless steel capillary armor and supplied with heavy duty B7 bolting.
End destination: In Salah Gas field project in Sahara Desert, Algeria.
For more information on the instrument, see our datasheets on USL  and gold coating or contact us.
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