Flushing valves on flush ring and reducer flanges

flush valve

Flushing (drip) rings, flush flanges or reducer flanges; these are all accessories to the diaphragm seal assemblies as manufactured by Badotherm. They are used to vent the process connection in order to obtain correct measurement; also they can be used for a calibration check on the instrument. Further they are often used to clean the process connection on a regular basis. The flushing ring or flange has to be mounted between the process flange and the diaphragm seal.

Often these rings are requested in combination with flush valves. Either model type BDTV910 or BDTV911, which has an extended connection on the process side and is specifically designed to mount on flush rings. They can be fitted to the flush rings, but it is also possible to have them socket-welded (SW) or butt-welded (BW) to the body material. The welds are often requested in combination with stringent qualifications. As such Badotherm supplies these, upon selection, with complete WPS, WPQ and PQR.

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