Simplify your installation process with lifting handles

lifting handle

Diaphragm seals can consist heavy flanges and are sometimes hard to handle. As such, we developed a simple accessory to facilitate easier handling of these heavy seals: lifting handles.

We recommend to use these handles from class 600 and above for size 2” and 3”. The lifting handles provide a spot to properly hold the instrument and to facilitate an easier positioning towards the nozzle. This is especially useful for the vulnerable diaphragms. Using the lifting handle results in a reduction on mechanical damage of the diaphragm. And due to the easier handling, fewer people are needed during the installation and/or no additional equipment is required. The lifting handle also supports an increased safety for the operators and therefore helps creating a safer work environment, as the instrument is more manageable. A simple accessory, but the installation and maintenance team will be thankful for this addition.