Ultra high pressure gauges

high pressure gauge

The Badotherm ultra-high pressure gauge line is supplied in complete compliance with the requirements and test conditions of the new DIN 16001 high-pressure standard. The DIN16001 fills the gap for pressure gauges with ranges above 1600 bar. Up to 1600 bar was covered by the EN837-1 standard. Badotherm BDT20 high pressure series are solid front, full blow out back, safety pattern type in accordance with safety category S3.

As you can imagine, with these high pressure ranges, the safety of the operator is key. The high-pressure gauges, must cope with heavy loads in order to withstand critical situations. Therefore the pressure gauge has been tested towards the most stringent conditions to ensure the safety of the operation. An important guideline of the DIN16001 is that the continuous pressure limitation of high-pressure gauges, lies at 75 % of the full scale value. For short periods, the instruments can be loaded to the complete full scale value. The instrument should not be exposed to any pressure that exceeds the full scale value. The Badotherm BDT20 HP offers scale ranges from 2000 bar up to 7000 bar.

Typical applications are: for liquid media in high-pressure applications (e.g. water, hydraulic oil), test benches (e.g. autofrettage), water jet cutting or high pressure cleaning.


For more information and specifications download the BDT20-HP datasheet.